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After Kansas City – Just Off Broadway – 2016

It’s another one of those stories about “best intentions.”  Derek, Eddie, and I- since the very beginning of our band together, have been discussing and planning for a recording session in Kansas City.  After many ill-fated and well-intentioned attempts, I

  • Georgia to Florida – Summer 2015

    By the time this story ends in Illinois, I will have been through Alabama and Tennessee, too… though for now, it’s time to turn off all electronic devices, and turn on my slimy computer with a halfway decent book. Continue reading

  • April Tour/Road Trip 2015 – Route 66 and Highway 70 USA

    Kansas City, Missouri I left a place I have been reluctant to call my home, regardless of how long and often I have lived there and the fact that my driver’s license is from The State of Kansas.  My reluctance

  • The New Album and The New Music Business

    The last time John Maxfield released an album on Tantrum Niche Records, it was his biggest hit to date- largely due to the success of his music video for the single, “Smile.” The album, “One Word Is True,” was originally

  • Upcoming show in Mexico, new album news, and website changes.

    Please note that the show at Dogtown Public House in Mexico, Missouri has been tentatively rescheduled for December 1, 2014. John Maxfield band has been booked to perform at the grand opening of the Dogtown Public House in Mexico, Missouri