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John Maxfield Band – Rehearsal Podcast – 6-1-2018
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John Maxfield Band – Rehearsal Podcast – 6-1-2018

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What’s Up With JM? – June 1, 2018

I just posted video from the most recent John Maxfield Band rehearsal, in which we play several original songs and don’t do too bad a job at it, either.  We laughed of a few minor mishaps and had a good

  • John Maxfield Band – No Overdubs – May 2018

    John Maxfield Band – No Overdubs – May 2018 0. Ghost Train [false start] — 0:00 1. Ghost Train — 2:48 2. Clementine — 7:13 3. Four Shots — 10:47 4. Burden — 14:45 5. Sexual Tension — 19:15 This

  • What’s Up With JM 4/20/18

    For a while now, I’ve been mentioning that there have been several recordings in the works- most of which are near the end of the mixing stage and ready to be released. My band has been making sure that I

  • What’s Up With JM 4/15/2018

    “TAXES!  Beautiful lovely TAXES!  Ah-ha!  AH-HA!!” – Prince John, “Disney’s Robin Hood” In addition to finishing, paying for, and submitting my taxes once again this year (for 2017) I have to help my fiancée with doing hers.  I have all

  • What’s Up With JM 4/5/2018

    Amber and I welcomed our son Alister Quinn Maxfield into the world on 2-2-2018, which was a Friday, at 3:05 PM.  We are overjoyed that we can finally have him here at home with us, and even as I sit