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“Clementine” by John Maxfield at Phat Buddha Studios
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“Clementine” by John Maxfield at Phat Buddha Studios

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What’s Up With JM? – September 2018

For a while now, if I had any news for you dear visitors, it was mostly based on a show announcement or some new audio/video recording I was promoting.  As much as I plan to continue to do that, there’s

  • What’s Up With JM? – July 1, 2018

    June has been exciting in a few ways; my six year old son is finished with summer school and my five month old is almost five months old and starting to eat solid foods. As it turns out, he loves

  • John Maxfield Band – No Overdubs – June 2018 Above is a link to a momentarily hidden video on YouTube of John Maxfield Band rehearsing at a mansion in Ladue which was the former home of the bass player’s mother.  Derek, our steadfast bass player, at one point

  • What’s Up With JM? – June 1, 2018

    I just posted video from the most recent John Maxfield Band rehearsal, in which we play several original songs and don’t do too bad a job at it, either.  We laughed of a few minor mishaps and had a good

  • John Maxfield Band – No Overdubs – May 2018

    John Maxfield Band – No Overdubs – May 2018 0. Ghost Train [false start] — 0:00 1. Ghost Train — 2:48 2. Clementine — 7:13 3. Four Shots — 10:47 4. Burden — 14:45 5. Sexual Tension — 19:15 This