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After Kansas City – Just Off Broadway – 2016

It’s another one of those stories about “best intentions.”  Derek, Eddie, and I- since the very beginning of our band together, have been discussing and planning for a recording session in Kansas City.  After many ill-fated and well-intentioned attempts, I can safely say that this has proven to be a difficult task, even though one of the places I live is very near to Kansas City, Missouri [on the Kansas side] AND in spite of the fact that I also work regularly at three different and very good studios in the KC area.  All of those studios have explained to us that if we can ever get to Kansas City from St. Louis, we have all the time and access we need to record our next batch of original songs.  Nice of them, isn’t it?  We were hoping to record some new songs, some new versions of older songs, and to get everything on video.  What we have instead is this blog post, and some footage from the show that has yet to be uploaded.  It was a great show, despite the unusual lineup.  Sitting in for Eddie at Just Off Broadway Theater was my oldest brother, Dale Maxfield II.

I don’t mean to spoil the story with the early, happy ending- so let me remind you that before everything went smashingly well, I got some very stressing phone calls.  Once again, just hours before departing for Kansas City to record there on Thursday and perform there on Friday, Eddie called to explain that he couldn’t play drums because his daughter had just been hospitalized from a car accident.  She survived with a few cuts and bruises, and nothing broken or otherwise seriously damaged, though nobody else was in town to attend to her as she recovered.  I sent a text message to my brother, Dale Jr., and he agreed to sit in for Eddie on his electronic drum kit… almost immediately.

In addition to being a “show weekend,” during which I was working, there was the added bonus of it being the six month anniversary of the relationship with my girlfriend, Amber.  After some years of spending most of my days in Kansas, stashed away working, practicing music, writing, reading, playing video games, and finding plenty of communal attention in my lines of work at faith (Nichiren Buddhism), I accidentally spent the better part of a night in November discussing everything over sushi with someone I quickly discovered I wanted to spend my life with.

So in the aftermath of a good weekend in Kansas City, including spending a late dinner/early breakfast with our friend Debbie, who drove up from St. Louis and confiscated our hotel room after the show, the band has moved from University City to Ladue, from the hood to the pool house.  We’re setting up to record audio and video there, from our new home, and we can’t wait to post our edits… along with the video from the Kansas City show as soon as it’s available.  In the meantime, enjoy all the new videos and photos up and on the way!




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