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New album, new movie, and tour dates (New York, Chicago, LA, and Boston) are coming!

Hey everyone – just had to let you know about some cool stuff happening within the next few weeks. First of all, I’m shipping up to Boston for a huge, sold out event this weekend, July 4-6. If you’re going to be around that area, let me know via email ( and I’ll see if I can sneak you in to this invitation only, sold-out show! They’re going to film these solo concerts in UX, which is even higher-definition than HD, so that we can edit and release a concert special to be released very soon! This is very great and exciting news, and I know a lot of you fans of mine have been wanting to see a solo show in HD go up on the Internet for some time. Most likely, I’ll release these Boston shows with the show I did a while back at the Sheldon in St. Louis, which is partially available on YouTube, but only entirely available as part of the DVD edition of “One Word Is True”.

I’ve also got shows coming up soon in New York City and Chicago- so stay tuned for dates, times, and venues! I haven’t been to either beloved city in too long, and I can hardly wait to see some of my best friends and biggest fans up in those two great cities. I’ve been playing a lot of great shows in St. Louis and around Kansas City lately, and I’ve never experienced the kind of loving responses that I’ve been getting at the levels I’ve been getting it from doing shows in those towns, which for many reasons are starting to feel like home- mostly because of how many friends, family, and collaborators that reside in those cities who have been extraordinarily good to me. I don’t let that kind of thing go unnoticed, and I hope they understand and appreciate my sincerest, most heartfelt gratitude.

Besides ALL that great news, the new album is coming out very soon! It’s called “Oh No You Don’t Know,” and the early response from reviewers, collaborators, and close friends has been extremely positive. I hope that means you fans will like it even more! So many great people lent their time and talents to the making of this record, and I think it is going to be my most successful record to date. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to tell you the release date yet- but stay tuned right here at and subscribe to my Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages (as well as Tantrum Niche’s) – and you’ll definitely be among the first to hear the new record in all of it’s glory.

There is, as Columbo would say, just one more thing… I was recently cast in a movie called “Kiki Meets The Vampires,” a kitschy horror/comedy by Joey Skidmore- in which I play a secret agent… kind of like an X-Files/paranormal-activity investigator of sorts. I had a lot of fun making the movie, and in addition to being out this fall on DVD and Blu Ray, there will be screenings in select cities at major theaters. Once again- stay tuned to my web sites to get the low down on the whens and wheres.

Lastly (and most importantly),  I want to tell you ALL how much I love you fans for coming here so often to listen to, download, share, and donate to and it’s respective artists- myself included. This year has been our most successful year by FAR, and there is so much more exciting stuff on the calendar before New Year’s Eve. I’m looking forward to sharing all of these upcoming great songs and events with you all, and I sincerely appreciate your kind emails, comments, donations, downloads, shares, and recommendations. I can not thank you enough, but I’m going to do it one more time before closing this post. Thanks again! 🙂 – JM

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Jul 2
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