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Upcoming show in Mexico, new album news, and website changes.

Please note that the show at Dogtown Public House in Mexico, Missouri has been tentatively rescheduled for December 1, 2014.

John Maxfield band has been booked to perform at the grand opening of the Dogtown Public House in Mexico, Missouri on Saturday, November 1, 2014. The band will be performing all original material, much of which from the upcoming new album, “Oh No You Don’t Know.” The upcoming album is easily John’s most highly anticipated work. Since the release of “One Word Is True,” and the music video for the single “Smile,” John’s already large and devoted fan base grew immensely. Early fans of John Maxfield’s music can remember a time when he released an album a year of his own, in addition to producing albums with and for other artists. The question is asked repeatedly, “What is taking so long with the release of the new album?”, and it is mostly being asked by fans who have every album since “Beautiful Vs,” which came out in 2002.

The album, “Oh No You Don’t Know,” is reportedly more complex than John’s most recent and successful record- “One Word Is True.” Rough mixes of the seventeen tracks that make up the record have been circulating among John Maxfield’s closest friends, family, and collaborators for two years. The unanimous reaction from John Maxfield’s collaborators was along the lines of, “This is amazing, but we can make it even better if we take more time to work together.” Whereas “One Word Is True” is mostly comprised of very accessible tunes with a few nods to John Maxfield’s more abstract styles of songwriting, the upcoming “Oh No You Don’t Know” has songs that are arguably even more accessible, and also many more songs that are deliberately more artful and lyrically candid.

Speaking of lyrics, we’ve been getting numerous reports that although they are available on this site as-is, people are looking for the lyrics to certain songs and albums here at and not finding them. We are working diligently to make the lyrics more accessible from the main page, while simultaneously uploading a new design that includes brand new videos, songs, photos, and other content. If you’d like an early preview or have any suggestions for us, please email Tantrum Niche Records at

We thank you for visiting, and hope you’ll check back soon and stay in touch!

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