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John Maxfield Band – No Overdubs – June 2018

L-R: Derek, John, & Eddie

Above is a link to a momentarily hidden video on YouTube of John Maxfield Band rehearsing at a mansion in Ladue which was the former home of the bass player’s mother.  Derek, our steadfast bass player, at one point painted a mural based on the cover of the Pink Floyd record “Dark Side of the Moon,” which you can certainly see behind the band.

Though there are no audio overdubs, there have been a few passes of post-production we can discuss here for full disclosure.  For one thing, we shot this with a wide angle, which got a lot more of a shot that what you see at any point.  The entire original, master shot was done from a tripod; and when the footage was imported, the audio was cleaned up in Logic X and the video was zoomed in and pan-and-scanned by Final Cut Pro– the idea being that we find it much more interesting to watch this stuff when we simulate more than one camera, and a handheld look mixed in with the fixed (tripod) shots.

The personnel are:

Derek Lauer: Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals // Eddie Kozhevsky: Drums (1984 Pearl Export Series)  // John Maxfield: Vocals and Guitar (Fender Telecaster)

The songs are:

00:00 Clementine // 03:22 Four Shots // 07:16 Stuck In St. Louis // 09:38 The Town Fair //15:15 Black and Blue


All Music and Lyrics Copyright 2005-2016 John M. Maxfield, ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.

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Jun 25
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