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John Maxfield Band – No Overdubs – May 1, 2018

John Maxfield Band – No Overdubs – May 2018

0. Ghost Train [false start] — 0:00 1. Ghost Train — 2:48 2. Clementine — 7:13 3. Four Shots — 10:47 4. Burden — 14:45 5. Sexual Tension — 19:15

This is footage from our first practice in quite a while, as various members of John Maxfield Bands have been attending to travel destinations and newborn babies! We’re excited about everything being developed, and glad to “get the rust off” of some of these original songs of mine, such as Derek Lauer would put it. Eddie Kozhevsky is playing a set of Roland V-Drums, Derek is on an LTD 5 string bass, and I’m strapped with the ebony (not my typical ’67 sunburst) Les Paul. Derek’s bass, Eddie’s drums, and my vocals are being driven through a Bose SoundLink PA system, and I’m singing through (what else) a Shure SM58 microphone. All of the audio is from a consumer grade Canon camera, shooting at 1080p natively, and propped up much closer to the guitar amp stack (all Peavey this take) than the PA. We will try to get the vocals closer in the next episode, or else I’ll just scream through it. 🙂 / JM

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May 1
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