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What’s Up With JM April 5, 2018


Amber and I welcomed our son Alister Quinn Maxfield into the world on 2-2-2018, which was a Friday, at 3:05 PM.  We are overjoyed that we can finally have him here at home with us, and even as I sit here with barely enough time to type, I can here his sleepy noises coming through the baby monitor behind me.  Alister has Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, which meant that he was bound for surgery the Monday after his birth, and then he was in the NICU at Children’s Hospital in St. Louis for the first month and several days of his life.  Now he is home, though he has a feeding tube in one of his nostrils we’re working with him to get removed, which happens once he takes all of his food from the bottle.  The closest he has gotten to that so far has been 114 of 134 milliliters, though that is pretty good- and Nurse Dawn visited him earlier today at home and was really happy with his current weight and pace of weight gain.

The very first time Amber and I went to visit him in the NICU, after repeated hand-washings, sign ins, credential updates, and other red tape such as that, the door to Alister’s room was opened by two nurses who immediately remarked on his amazing strength as though it was is first most noticeable gift.  Looking at him before his operation was so mind blowing, not just for falling so completely in love with him and feeling that grow every second; there was also immediately the noticeable part of his chest where the operation would be taking place.  Very fortunately for my whole family, Alister’s surgeon and entire team of doctors, nurses, and medical attendants were all (but one) top notch.  There’s always one, it seems- doesn’t it?  As though there absolutely must be or ought to be.

Going to that NICU was hard, going home was hard, going to work was hard.  All of that experience was a challenge to acquire, though the reward is the sweet sound of my sleeping son, coming from several steps away instead of many miles.  It won’t be long before I have to stop for the moment and go look in on him, though I wanted to show you all some pictures of my amazing Alister, and let you all know that there is a lot of new content on the way up and in development for both and  I know it looks like we’ve all been pretty quiet for a while, though I assure you there’s a lot of new noise we’re making we’re excited to share with you.



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